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This Live One Day Sprint Challenge will Reveal 4 Key Wealth Set's to Master in order to prosper in the new world, and how to set a course to give you the complete blueprint to begin building true wealth no matter what your age!

What we have been taught about wealth is all wrong and our addiction to financial freedom is leading us down a path of destruction. During our One Day Warrior Wealth Sprint Challenge you'll sprint to learn what real wealth is, what we are fighting against, and how to develop a warrior mentality to combat the forces dead set against that you can walk in and enjoy real wealth in every area of your life!

Wealth is not material possessions, financial abundance, or accumulation of power. It is something much bigger because all those can be taken away from you in a heartbeat. But when you understand what true wealth is you can lose everything and your world is not disrupted. Once you understand true wealth building you can set about building the right things... things that matter, things that will transform humanity for the good, things that will bring you joy and peace and a true fulfillment that could never be satisfied. And of course you will always be able to prosper in every area of life and in any situation.

Don't Miss Out!  Join Me for this Exclusive Live One Day Sprint Challenge Beginning on July, 25 2024 @ 10:30a - 3:30p EST

Here's a small sample of what I'll be covering when you join me Live!

What Is True Wealth?

What you have been taught about wealth is all wrong. And if you continue on that path you could end up losing everything.

The 4 Core Wealth Sets

There are 4 core sets of wealth that must be mastered to thrive in the days ahead..

Dorian Grey Syndrome

Chasing after your vision at all costs can create the Dorian Grey Syndrome.

Hosted by Roger Gauthier

I spent years chasing after a false god called success and it left me broke spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Then after loosing my business twice did the lights finally come on and by the grace of GOD, He showed me what true success and true wealth really was. It has nothing to do with Money, Fame, or Power. However, if you understand these principles all those things grow organically. But the journey is really hard for those who don't want to listen. It's my sacred responsibility to share with you the insight given to me so that you don't meet with the same fate, or worse that I did.

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This 1 day sprint will be short, to the point and very impactful as we'll share with you the lessons learned along the way of my journey that standing on the shoulders of giants revealed to me, and what happens when you get the wrong information. And when these concepts have taken root in your heart, you'll be at peace with your surroundings and finally able to relax and enjoy your life.

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"Just Give Us 5 Short Hours, And We’ll Show You How To Get On The Fast Track To "True" Wealth And Create A Legacy For You & Your Family That You’re Proud Of!"

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